Sunday, March 20, 2005

at 45 rpm

Simply stated, the reason behind three-sixty-five45s blog is to give exposure to some very deserving artists/bands whose 45s never got their due. No hits, top 100, probably not many artists that most people have ever heard of, will be featured here. Instead, it will be funk, soul, jazz, etc. artists whose 45s I come across in the next year. I'm a record collector that primarily focuses on 45s in these genres, although I have been finding plenty of LPs at cheap prices as of late (much to my wife's chagrin), so they may occassionally creep in as well.

The goal is to present a 45 a day, but that may not always happen due to work and other schedules. It may be more a patchwork during the week (presenting a 45 & saying why I like it so much), and filling in more details later. If you have any comments or details about the 45s I list, please let me know.

Oh yeah, my name is Dave.


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