Sunday, March 20, 2005

Floyd Morris "A Mellow Mood" BBS 0578

This is why I collect records: No idea who Floyd Morris is, can't find anything out about him on the internet (save for some funk DJ's playlisting this 45 or some record dealers listing it for sale), and a few weeks back I stumble across this tasty 45 with a bright red label.

This 45 has a big funk beat, akin to the drums featured on Dorothy Ashby's "Soul Vibrations" 45: a heavy groove textured by a tambourine. This track also features a piano over the top (that has a nice bit of drama to it) & a scratchy guitar bits that gets a tasty little solo. I normally don't go for much guitar in my funk, but the guitar here is spot on, perhaps the best 'scratch' I have heard.

The other side, "Bee Que", has a laid back, more r'n'b, goove. More bass in the mix, some additional percussion. Nice, but not the stormer that is found in "A Mellow Mood".


Blogger Morris said...

Floyd Morris was a pianist who played with the popular Oscar Brown trio in the 60's. He wrote and played with many other artist also, including Red Holt Trio. He was my husbands step father. He died in the late 80's

T Morris

8:56 PM  
Blogger Rayane said...

I agree about collecting records. I just found the Floyd Morris 45 at a thrift shop. It's very cool! That's why I'm on the internet looking for some info. No matter how many records you care to collect, there's always something out in left field you've never heard of.

7:11 PM  
Blogger FLMIII said...

I have just been made aware of this blog and I thought I should weigh-in since I probably know more about the man and the musician than most.

Floyd , was the MAN that shaped my life with his wisdom, his integrity, his musicianship, his professionalism, and his work ethic.

Floyd L. Morris jr. could have been one of the all time greats in his profession based on talent alone yet, he choose to basically quit going on the road, which every musician knows is the staple of sucess in the music industry, to raise his two children, Annetta Marie Morris, and myself litte Moffee(Floyd L. Morris III).

Belive me when I say that there was more to the man than meets the eye. As outstanding as he was as a musician he was infinitly better as a father.

I will occasionally update this blog with personal information about all the recording sessions I have attended and the3 concerets that he3 was involved in.

At this point, the point that I have just found this blog, I do not want to overwhelm you with information that for me is fond, fond memories.

I hope that you can tell with the scant information that I have put on this blog that I LOVED this MAN

PLease indulge me for a moment while I pay homage to that quote " Behind every great man there is a great woman", and that would be my mother Patricia Lee Morris my mother who was as much a part of me as oxygen, although you need oxygen to exsist you don't always acknowledge that fact, but, its always there for you.


Belive it or not I LOVE YOU and I do think about you every day

your wayward son

3:15 PM  
Blogger We4SocialJustUS said...

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11:26 PM  
Blogger We4SocialJustUS said...

Wow! This is incredible. It is January 19, 2011 and via this blog that I hear about both of the Floyd Morris'. I too grew up and lived in South Shore in Chicago and met papa Floyd a few times and heard him play maybe once or twice, but knew Floyd III more intimately. I would love to reconnect and catch up with Floyd III. This is P Taylor now living in Seattle. Peace.

9:15 PM  
Blogger N Morgan III said...

Hi all I am Floyd Morris Jr's grandson, Nathaniel Morgan III. Papa was my best friend and he passed on my birthday on May 12, 1988.

He was a great man indeed.

To Floyd III. I would love to speak to you. Please contact me @

Thank you to all who loved my grandfather and his work.

11:37 PM  
Blogger RAJ said...

Today is May 18, 2013 and have been made aware of this wonderful website commemorating my Uncle Floyd. My mother Jewel Morris Rhymes is his sister and the vocalist of the Floyd Morris Trio. I am Rena Annetta Rhymes Jordan and I am elated. Indeed, a great composer, arranger, vocalist and musician.

Love to hear from the family.

9:25 PM  
Blogger dj flow-d said... or my e mails hi its me ur uncle ur cousin Floyd L. Morris III

8:41 AM  

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