Monday, March 21, 2005

Burning Cities "Spoons" Channel One 45

One very sinister funk 45 featuring wah-wah guitar, tight drumming, and the horns just killin' it. There are these lines that the guitar, bass, and horns follow and then stop, leaving nothing but the drums, which consistently pleases. While that seduces you in, what is that slightly audible growling sound in the background that gets louder and louder??? Definitely lends to the dark sound of this track......a 45 for the headphones......

Only details I could find on Burning Cities via the internet is that they were a white rock group from the Detroit area, which is pretty much confirmed by playing the other side of this 45 (well, it's definitely in the rock vein, although there's no leads on where the group is from). I was wondering today at work (yes, at work I'm thinking of music) if the disparity of the songs on this 45 was a conscious effort to get this record played on both rock and soul radio stations......


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