Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pigmeat Markham "Pig's Popcorn" Chess 2087

OK, tonight a 45 by an artist that there is some information available for: Pigmeat Markham. Pigmeat was a comedian known for his phrase "Here Comes The Judge", which became so popular it landed him a 45 of the same name on Chess. It was a top 20 hit. He released a number of additional 45s & some LPs (not sure if the LPs were comedy or music), but never acheived the same fortune.

"Pig's Popcorn" is a later 45, a straight-ahead tune with a hard, hard beat (I'm talkin' ferociously hard) & some nice organ flourishes. Best bit is when the organ gets to take centerstage over the drums in the middle of the song. Very nice. Pigmeat is singing about the things he likes....but nothing compares to popcorn, which is a reference to the popular late 60s dance, not the food, I believe. The other side "Who Got The Number" has more a novelty feel, singing about running numbers, but that funky drumming is ever-present.

There are several Chess 45s that I have found with such a hard drum sound that I have to listen to anything on the label whenever I stumble across a title I don't know. As soon as the needle dropped and I heard those drums, I knew this 45 was a keeper....Pigmeat, more popcorn, please.....


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