Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Valentinos "I Can Understand It" Clean 60005

Switching it up tonight & enjoying some quality 70s soul, The Valentinos' fantastic mid-tempo effort, "I Can Understand It". Truly phenomenal. What really gets me is the singer's slighty raspy voice contrasted with the smooth vocal harmonies. And the horns, I'm such a sucker for well placed horns that add a punch. Soul so good I'm nearly speechless. I consider this 45 my poor man's Hamilton Movement.

The song is written by Bobby Womack & performed by his former band (I can't find anything on the internet that says Bobby is actually the vocalist). Side 2, "I Can Understand It Part II", is a continuation of side 1, and not as strong in my opinion.

I've actually been spinning Bobby Womack's "Lookin' For Love Again" LP every night the past week. It's been the 'late night put on the headphones & turn up the volume' choice. Of course, there is the almighty "You're Welcome, Stop On By", where Bobby is trying to get a woman he loves to question her feelings about another man and come to him. It's delivered over a fine groove, but the vocals, the delivery are what really get me. OK, that little bit of squeaky guitar underneath it all, too. There's also "Don't Let Me Down", a harder, funkier number. Hell, I am even getting it "You're Messing Up A Good Thing", which is akin to sweet soul. I need to get beyond these three songs and listen to the rest of the LP......but these three songs so captivating, it's hard to get beyond them.


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