Friday, November 18, 2005

Stony Island Band

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Here's one that's from '78, "Stony Island Band" by - who else but - the Stony Island Band on Glades. Later than I usually collect, but this 45 has a real strong groove and is a nice mover. Some may call this 'boogie', but since I am not quite sure what that sound is, I can't make the same conclusion.

What "Stony Island Band" has is a bass-heavy groovy, hand claps, plenty of horns, and great vocals. It's a feel-good dance tune. The male singer has some nice backing vocals from a group of ladies. It sounds great when they come in. I also like the guitar sound, plenty of picking, but with some slight effect. But I can't focus on all that too long, it's a party we're having here with the Stony Island Band......


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