Monday, November 07, 2005

Flute In A Quarry

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Somehow I had this 45 in my jazz box, but it's a bit more funk than jazz. This Shades of Joy 45 is taken from a soundtrack entitled "The Music of El Topo", which I understand is quite hard to come by. If "Flute In A Quarry" is representative of the sounds on that soundtrack, then it is definitely worth tracking down.

A mellow flute line starts it off, but then a chorus of horns kicks in to lead the group through alot of changes. The sax takes the lead for a good portion of the rest of the tune, But a lethal groove stands firmly behind it. When the horns come together, the tune becomes very dense, seeming to be layers upon layers. It's amazing how tight the group is through all the changes. Not to mention the soulfulness. Damn nice.
Here's a soundclip thanks to, although the song title is different and the very beginning is missing. You certainly get a feel for the tune, though.


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