Monday, November 14, 2005

I Can't Dance With You

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There was a time that I would have told you that the best group that ever existed was The Small Faces. And this 45 - one of their best tunes in my opinion - would be one of the first exhibits in my argument. Listening to this record tonight, I think I still stand by that statement. This tune shows the Small Faces at perhaps their most cacophonus: the bass is so up in the mix, the drums is all over the place, the organ flourishing between the bass and drums, and the guitar slashing through it all. And Marriott's delivery is often intense, yet a couple of times pulls back for a line or two. This sounds as good as ever.

The other side, My Mind's Eye, is more introspective, and a pop tune with some psychedelic leanings. Quite nice as well.

No sound clips here - do yourself a favor and buy a Small Faces LP or CD. You can learn more about the Small Faces here. Looks like the The Small Faces are going to return to my turntable for a while.


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