Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ernie Hawks & the Soul IG's "Soulful Trip" Nite Club 001

A recent release, this is the best funk 45 of 2005 thus far. No fuss, funky drumming with a touch of echo, strong organ lines, bass up in the mix, a bit of guitar plucking that complements the groove, and then the horns appear about a minute into the tune. Lovely set-up. But there's more...a mid-section featuring percussion with the drums and bass (nice), throw in some flute (real nice)....before all the original elements return to finish together. A very nice trip, indeed: gritty without being poorly recorded, tight while seemingly relaxed.

Part 2 leaves the organ at the door, and the guitar gets to tastefully play a bit over the groove. I hadn't played side 2 as much as side 1, but it's strong in it's own right.

From the Timmion family of labels who never seem to fail to produce solid funk tunes. A run of 500 that probably has already sold out, this 45 is destined to be a future funk classic. I actually bought 2, as I had to have the demo and the stock release.I'm looking forward to burning this to a CD this weekend so I can play it in the car & listen to it more often.


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