Thursday, June 30, 2005


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Keith Mansfield is one of the big names when it comes to library records (to read more about library records, you can go here). I am no authority on library records, but I do know they were made to be used as incidental music for tv and radio. I also know that some of it is quite good.

Starting off heavy on the bass, a sultry-voiced female chorus soon begins cooing "Boogaloo"....immediately addictive...what I imagine sirens may have sounded like. What really does it for me, though, is the horns. Especially the trumpet blasts (with a dash of flute underneath) that really sets everything in motion. Funky cowbell and some fierce organ bits take us through the middle portion, until those horns come back to signal the start of the close of the tune.

A top notch 45. Basically, take the funky drums and mix in a healthy amount swinging London 60's pop and you have this tune. Timely title, too.


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