Sunday, June 26, 2005

Think Drink

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Since today was such a humid day in the greater Philadelphia area, I thought I'd throw on an appropriately titles latin tune, New Swing Sextet's "Think Drink". Oddly, up to this point, I haven't featured any latin 45s. I also collect latin 45s when I can get my hands on them, focusing on the obvious favorites: Fania, Cotique, and the major labels that feature good latins sounds (UA comes to mind for some Ray Barretto 45s). Some collectors like perfection, but I quite like when a 45 has seen some visible play on it. This 45 has a little noise on it, and it makes me think that someone enjoyed the 45 prior to me. Here, someone has actually noted on the label that it is an "upbeat" instrumental.

"Think Drink" is actually a mid-tempo instrumental that features, as is often the case with latin records, a dense, percussive groove. There's some real nice vibes throughout with someone whistling a theme over the top of it. Infectious as the whistling is, the vibe solo is really where it's at, though. Nice.


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