Monday, June 13, 2005

Ninety Eight Cents Plus Tax

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This week, some interesting sleeves that house great tunes. Generally, the 45s I collect don't come with much artwork, save the record label. Occassionally, there is a company sleeve or, very rarely, a picture sleeve. To kick it off, a special 45......

Before I knew anything about funk - before I even liked funk as I now know it, I knew of the Detroit City Limits' 'Ninety Eight Cents Plus Tax' 45. I had it on a cassette that a friend gave me, a tape that I played nearly to death.

Simply put, it's a top notch r'n'b instrumental, if not one of the best. A straightforward theme consisting of a wailing sax and fine organ playing over a strong groove. A bit rough around the edges, gritty even, and a delight to dance to. A mod favorite, it just oozes cool. And still sounds as good now as when I first heard it many years ago....


Blogger jwhitfield said...

They look lovely, am I missing something though? Is there any way to listen to them? new to this blogging malarky!

8:16 AM  

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