Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Popcorn Baby

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Tonight's feature: "Popcorn Baby" by Freddy-Henchi & The Soulsetters on Tower Records. I just came across this 45 this weekend along with another on the Tower label, and it was the first Tower 45 I bought with a company sleeve. It looks pretty sharp.

I never really thought about it until tonight, but "Popcorn Baby" can be best summed up as funk with a psych-rock edge (acid funk rock?), heavy & uptempo with plenty of chugging guitar. There's a touch of wah-wah, and a saxophone that is unfortunately relegated to being in the background for most of the tune. But when he's brought forward, he blows that horn. Otherwise, the guitar, bass, and drums just go for broke and are in the front of the mix. "Popcorn Baby"!


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You can hear both sides here!

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