Saturday, August 27, 2005

Freddie's Alive and Well

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Here's an interesting record: Spirit of Atlanta's "Freddie's Alive and Well", an answer song to Curtis Mayfield's "Freddie's Dead".

"Freddie's Alive and Well" is an uptempo dancer, featuring that 'soundtrack' funk guitar (fast wah-wah), organ and some punchy horns. It's almost 2 songs in one, as there are vocals (quick passages of the lines below sung at the beginning and end), but there are also long passages where the musicians get to play and spread out, especially the organ player. There's also a nice long drum and conga break.

For the record, here's what Freddie's been up to:

Freddie is alive and well
People say he died and he went to hell
The reason I know is 'cause he told me so
He's down here doing his thing

Freddie is alive and well
He didn't die but he went through hell
He's doing his thing, hustling diamond rings
He sure is clean, riding a bad machine (?)
He got him a job, he's the king of the mob
He don't mess with drugs, said it gives him the bugs
He's down here doing his thing

Damn good tune. I especially like the organ and horn sounds behind the vocals. And the vocalist has a young sounding voice, which really works on this tune.

Now you know....Freddie's not dead, just doing his thing somewhere else.....


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