Friday, September 02, 2005

Black Talk

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I've go on before about how much I love the Prestige label. Well, how could I go through this week of quality local 45s and not feature one that is on one of my favorite labels and also includes a great Philly jazz artist? I can still recall the excitement of finding this 45 several years ago....and it still ranks high up there with the best 45 releases on this label. And I would even go so far and say this may just be the prime example of soul jazz.

All the funk here is on the organ. Mr. Earland is just all over the place, 'tickling' at the start and then settling in the groove. The drummer is throwing down a steady 4/4 beat with hi-hat accents and an occassional fill. The soul is in the horns, those lovely horns. The sax solo on side one (my preferred side) is just spot on. And the guitar player comes in when the organ takes a break to play some great lines, nothing over the top, just something clean. Start to finish, what a class tune.


Blogger Todd Lucas said...

I have a Charlie Earland 45 on Prestige that I like a lot, "The Mighty Burner".

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