Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Can't Do My Thing

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Here's a fantastic funky soul tune by Barbara Acklin that I heard a few years ago and have been after...."I Can't Do My Thing". Barbara Acklin had quite a number of soul releases on the Brunswick label, but this is the only one that I know of with a funky edge.

"I Can't Do My Thing" has a laid back groove with some great elements: fuzz guitar flourishes, plenty of accompanying percussion, male backing vocals, and well-placed strings. Propelling ot all is the drummer, who for the most part just keeps the time, but occassionally throws in a few hits to get your attention. Also like the handclaps that show up late in the tune.....very nice. Find this one.


Blogger frankai said...

got this 7inch ,but it has a mistake after 1 1/2 minute theres a raunchy scratchy part of 20 sec. - so - i can`t do my thing with this rec. , i love this one - now got it on a female funk sampler "i`m good woman" (harmless)

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