Wednesday, December 07, 2005

You Don't Care

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I received a box of approximately 150 45s today, and this 45 was the whole reason why I bought the lot. To my surprise, there were quite a few quality soul 45s included as well, and some will be featured in the near future. Leon Gardner had a number of releases on the Igloo label, one of them, "Farm Song" being quite rare. Looking at the label of this 45, it seems that there was some involvement by Arthur Monday of "What Goes Around Comes Around" fame, but I will need to try and do some research to confirm that.

"You Don't Care" is a heavy, yet soulful tune, with Leon singing to the woman who has left him. And surrounding him is the extremely thunderous drums and the sometimes cacophonous horns (at times like a warning siren at top volume). I hope this description is not putting you off, as these elements come together to make a hell of a tune. Alright, I gotta give it another spin.....


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