Monday, January 23, 2006

Can I Feel It

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Here's another 45 that's returned to the playlist after a couple of years, Al Trahan's fantastic funk outing from '76, "Can I Feel It". Sounding like it should have been made several years prior, this is one hell of a tune. And one of those 45s that's worth the full price.

Starting off with tough drumming, some raw wah-wah guitar joins in to set the groove & let Al have his way. No horns, no other instrumentation, just the drums, bass & guitar - in other words, straight up funk. My favorite part is when the tune changes, and it seems custom tailored for the dance floor, as Al tells an audience he has 'some raw funk for ya', and then has his band break it down. And then they just bring it on home.

Quality tune, which you can hear a clip of here.


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