Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Take Me

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I'm trying to get back into my earlier schedule updating this blog. Unfortunately, added responsibility at work (for the same pay...) and not as many records coming in makes that difficult. Anyway, here's a purchase from a couple years back that is quite good and shouldn't set you back much, maybe $10 tops, Betty Everett's "Take Me" on Uni.

"Take Me" has a real driving rhythm (thanks to the guitar and bass) that is buoyed by an interplay of horns and strings. The drums have a stutter-step pattern that the horns and strings seem to feed off of, creating layers behind the vocals. The vocals are strong yet soothing, and loud enough so as not to be overwhelmed by the music. The song builds, and by the end it so intense it's nearly cacophonous. Some horns are hitting the lows while the trumpets are reaching over the top and the strings are moving in between. Nice.


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