Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It Ain't No Big Thing

A good mix tape (or CD) reveals itself over time; some tunes hit you straight away, while some tunes grow on your over time. If you find yourself skipping over the tunes you used to love, and consequently overplayed, to get to the new songs that have gotten under your skin, you have experienced this. And often, the second group of tunes challenge you in some way. Well, this Personal Touch 45 fell into the second group for me on a comp CD someone made me. I like a good 70s soul tune, but I generally stay away from disco. Personal Touch's "It Ain't No Big Thing" brings in a good bit of both, and mixes it just right.

Musically, "It Ain't No Big Thing" has several things going for it: that fantastic bass line that powers the tune, the booming interplay of the bass and drums during the chorus, and just the right tempo. And the lyrics are great, too: It's an angle of the end of a relationship that isn't often explored in song: it's over, and it ain't no big deal. As she states "You and I should have no fears / About leaving this unhappy home / This love affair we've both outgrown". Nicely delivered, too.

A belated Happy 2009 to everyone.


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