Monday, March 28, 2005

50 cent 45s

I ended up taking the weekend off, so I guess this isn't going to be a daily log of 45s......Anyway, tonight I have some 45s I recently found for 50 cents each. There's still some good 45s to find for cheap, and I have three that I specifically bought to resell, but it now seems they're staying with me.

First is Mongo Santamaria's "Cold Sweat" on Columbia. I have many Mongo 45s, and I thought I was done buying his stuff, save for "Crazy Lady" on Vaya (anyone have a spare?), but then I put this one on the turntable to grade and I got hooked. What it is is that Mongo always has plenty of percussion to go around. Here (and I hate to say it), but the break is what really gets me. It's friggin' loud! Mindblowingly hot, actually.... and I like how the piano and other percussion take it from there. Not rare, but Mongo's 45s are always worth checking out.

Next up: Friends of the Family "Can't Go Home" on Smash. Never heard of this group, but sounded like an interesting late 60s release when I played a minute of it at the record shop. It's a real nice pop psych tune that moves along & doesn't get hung up on itself. Harpsichord, flute, vocal harmonies, and dare I say soulful to boot? Real dense, textured sound, somewhat like a Billy Nichols (UK) song. Highly recommended 45 if you're into in that sound.

Finally, The Groovin' Strings and Things "You" on Cub. I have a version of this same tune by Shirley Scott on Atlantic, which is a killer organ funk 45. Totally different vibe here: a sax-lead, bass up in the mix, 4 on the floor stomper. Throw in an odd, almost creepy organ sound, a bit of fuzz guitar, and you come up with the Groovin' String and Things version. And how about that name? I'd like to see a 21st century band with a comparable name get down like they do.


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