Monday, July 04, 2005

Head Over Heels (In Love)

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Greg Perry's "Head Over Heels (In Love)" 45 was my favorite soul record for years.

A chugging, uptempo soul tune, it is propelled by strong bass lines (is it even fuzzing out in sections?), an ever-present tambourine, and a big drum sound. The sound just fills the can just barely hear the echo on Greg's voice or the strings that are furtively playing in the background. When you really hear the strings is when during the small changes at the ends of choruses,'s quite dramatic.

What may be most telling lines of the song are:

I was like a rock
That's thrown into the ocean
Sinking into your love
yet filled with all my emotion

The production makes you almost feel this, being consumed by the song. There in a certaintude in this love song that is not in many others. A direct, powerful declaration. It's just fantastic.


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