Monday, September 05, 2005

Lover And A Friend

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This past week I have had a hard time enjoying music. I completed my week of favorite local 45s, but my heart wasn't in it by the end of the week. After several hours of watching the news on Friday morning, I went to a record shop to try to take my mind off of it, but failed miserably. The natural disaster that occurred in New Orleans, and the subsequent catastrophe that people suffered at the hands of our government, has thoroughly disgusted me both as an American and a human being.

So, tonight, one of the few records I have from New Orleans, one that features a New Orleans legend, Eddie Bo. Accompanying him on the vocal duties is Inez Cheatham, and they put together a lovely little soul tune with some funky drumming, "Lover and a Friend". Because after this past week, many folks in the Gulf Coast area need a friend. Many don't have anything remaining but their loved ones or friends. And, unfortunately, some may not even have that. If I may borrow a line from the song, this is certainly the time when America needs to "open the door to [it's] heart".

Have a listen here. And if you haven't done so already, please give to a charity of your choice to help the victims of this tragedy.


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