Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Three People In Love

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Here's one from 1970 courtesy of Mack Rice, "Three People In Love". You may remember Sir Mack Rice's version of "Mustang Sally"....well, this is the same gentleman. And unfortunately, I paid a bit more than the 50 cents written on the label. No worries, though, as this 45 has been pretty difficult to turn up. Probably thanks to it's inclusion on the 'Brainfreeze' mix a few years back.

"Three People In Love" is a soulful funker featuring some gritty, tough drumming, incessant, noisy guitar work just behind it, and sometimes punchy, sometimes sinister, sometimes searching horns. And then there's Mr. Rice's vocals that builds as the tension rises in the story of the three folks who make the story. Obviously Mack is one of the three people, as he is constantly asking questions of & admonishing a woman he loves. And about the man she has affections for......

Top notch tune. Pick one up if you see it.


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