Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Want My Baby Back

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Here's another one I recently bought and haven't been able to find anything about, Sonny McLaurin & His Mustangs "I Want My Baby Back". I believe Fayette is a Philly label, and the run-out groove says Virtue Studio, so I'm assuming this group is somewhere from the Philadelphia area. I guess it could also be courtesy of the note from the seller on the sleeve that says "off-wall Philly". Any details on this 45 would be greatly appreciated, as well as any information on the Fayette label (a discography would be great).

"I Want My Baby Back" is a raucous, uptempo r'n'b tune just chugs along nicely. It's straightforward, almost trance-like in it's furious little groove. I like the horns in the middle that sound outta tune, but that doesn't stop them. They just keep chugging along. I didn't say it was pretty, but it is damn catchy.

The only mention of this record I've found on the web is it's inclusion in Mr. Finewine's "Downtown Soulville" show from August 6, 2005. I think I'm gonna give the show a listen. Some quality r'n'b there.


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