Monday, April 03, 2006

Live It Up

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Well, I finally got a copy of this fantastic funk 45, James K-Nine's "Live It Up" on Federal, one of a few that are not expensive, but terribly sought after, so the competition is always furious. I actually bought a demo copy a few months back, but that had to be sent back (graded VG++, it played - and even looked - VG-). Anyway, another copy of this monster tune was sitting in the mailbox today. As you can see on the label (or maybe not due to the scan - apologies), this tune was written by the one and only Eddie Bo, and it's one of the best he was involved in.

"Live It Up" is just a straightahead, stripped down funk tune. Nothing but drums, guitar and bass for the most part, with piano coming in about a third of the way through. But these simple elements are nearly perfect: the drums have some fantastic echo on them, the bass is up in the mix, and the guitarist is playing some tough guitar lines. As I believe I've mentioned earlier, I love funk with piano in it, and here, the piano just seems to resonate. I don't know what they did when this tune was recorded, but the piano just takes this tune to another level. Have a listen to some of it here. Simply brilliant.


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