Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mellow Fellow

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Well, this weekend I found a record I had been keeping an eye out for for a number of years, Etta James' "Mellow Fellow" on Argo. I believe this got a black label Argo issue too (the first press?). I've been trying to remember where I heard this tune, probably an old mod tape, and, unfortunately, it's been a while since I've played any cassettes. It may be time to break into them again and see what other 45s I should look out for. Anyway, this storming slice of soul from 1964 sounds pretty good to these ears with it's hard-hitting drums, the hip guitar work, and the punchy horns.

Anyway, instead of being long-winded, I'm gonna point you directly to Soul Club to give the tune a listen. You'll have to scroll down the page, but it's near the bottom on the right.

I also bought a number of gospel 45s, as well as some jazz and soul 45s, so expect to see some of those featured in the next couple of weeks as time permits.


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