Sunday, August 13, 2006

Are You Man Enough

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On a Motown-related note, I had the pleasure of finally finding a minty copy of this great 45 by The Four Tops this weekend at the monthly record show I attend. This 45 comes from the 'Shaft In Africa' soundtrack.

The tune has a suspenseful opening, featuring an interplay between strings and I believe a harpsichord. This opening theme appears a few times throughout, but the song mainly sticks with heavily textured sound: plenty of wah-wah, soaring strings, plenty of low end courtesy of the bass (I would argue that the bass owns the goove here, more so than the drums). Mr. Stubb's vocals are top notch as well.

Derfinitely a 45 I recommend buying on sight. You can hear a soundclip on Soulclub (scroll down to play the tune).


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