Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Communications Is Where It's At

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I've been going through alot of records, etc. that I had placed in the spare room to get it organized and cleaned in preparation for the arrival of our first child. I've been looking through cassettes I haven't played in years, organizing some records that I need to sell, and listening to alot of things I haven't heard in a while. Looking back, I decided I'd pull out some records I first bought when I got into funk, jazz, etc. Tonight's selection is Billy the Baron & His Smokin Challengers' "Communication Is Where It's At" on Grill. Bought this in the 90s at the Thanksgiving Record show in my area, if I remember correctly.

"Communication" has a loose funk sound pinned down by a solid groove and a chunky bass. There are 2 guitars, sometimes playing the same lines, often stretching out in their own directions, one wah-wah, one scratchin'. Organ moves through the background, seeming to fill in the gaps that the singer leaves. A male chorus supports the singer, stressing lyrics for importance. A nice mover. Have a listen to some of it at


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