Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Song To The System

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One thing I've been really digging lately is soul and funk with a socially-conscience edge. There's really nothing like a quality tune coupled with lyrics that are still relevant 30 plus years after the record was released. Tonight's selection is one of a handful that I've been enjoying, Segments of Time's "Song to the System' on Sussex. I'd stumbled across many releases on this label, but this one was a complete surprise.

Opening with some strings, the song comes together, building the groove as the group sings "Think about it", the chorus throughout the tune. The groove is dense, drums, bass and percussion up in the mix, fuzz guitar moving through the background, tambourine ever-present, and horns in the background. The vocals duties are shared by the group, and they each have different voices and deliveries, from smooth to intense. Very nice. They take it down to vocals and percussion, and then are escorted to the end by the fuzz guitar, tambourine and vibes.

I believe that Segments of Time also released an LP. Anyone know what it sounds like? Is this tune typical of the whole album?


Blogger Bawston Sean said...

The LP has some pretty good tracks, though none really compare to "Song". "Song" is one of my favorite tracks to spin out. I usually wedge it between the Undisupted truth's verion of "Ball of Confusion" and "Stop the War" by the Temptations if the crowd looks like they can handle some heavy conceptual funk.

This is a cool blog, by the way. I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I'll defnitely be stickin around.

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