Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lillian Hale "Don't Boom Boom" Fretone FR-011

Uptempo sister funk cut here. Starts out so nice and straightforward: gutar, bass, drum. Kinda nice there's nothing else. Reinforces the directness of Lillian's sentiment. Then the electric piano (?) and horns come in.....and then the backing vocals and a touch of organ underneath. The band cooks throughout, 100 mph almost, and Lillian never takes a breath while she's stating the facts. Nice ending, too, when she sings over drums with organ accompaniment.

Just a quick entry tonight, as I've spent most of the night on e-bay & the one TV show I follow is about to start. I found a great 45 on e-bay that will be featured here soon....one that is a bit out of the normal funk sound I collect, but so, so good. OK, I have time to listen to one more 45 before my show....decisions, decisions....Samson & Delilah's 'Living In A World of Trouble', I guess.


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