Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hard Headed Woman

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Tonight, U.S. Warren and The Genghis Pea "Hard Headed Woman" 45 on Chytowns Records. The two U.S. Warren 45s I own, "The Drop" and this one, both have a very distinctive sound. I remember a drum'n'bass fan inquiring about his 45s, as he heard a DJ spin one (I believe it was "The Drop"), and he thought the sound was great. These 45s are definitely drum and bass heavy, but I find the records somewhat minimalist. Perhaps it is the lack of horns or the production, but it just seems sparse.

"Hard Headed Woman" has a monster beat courtesy of the drummer hitting the hell out of the snare. Great sound. It's almost at odds with the rest of the tune. The vocals are not up front in the mix, the bass supports the drums, the organ adds a solemn texture. The only competition for the attention the drumming draws is a screaming blues guitar solo. But the drummer gets several small breaks to really hit it. U.S. Warren has some great lines, especially when his woman wants to teach him how to drive a car when she doesn't have a license or even knows how to ride a bike.....

You can hear part of this tune here: Hard Headed Woman . Check that drumming. Brutal.


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