Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fire Eater

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Well known jazz-funk 45 here with that infamous break courtesy of Idris Muhammad, Rusty Bryant's "Fire Eater". A very desirable 45, and one I'd been hoping to come across for a while. Finally found one last weekend, and at a decent price compared to what it's selling for on the 'bay.

Being a jazz, funk, and Prestige 45 collector, this record is great on many levels. I like the rhythm that is established before the break, and would even argue it is better than the break. Now I'm not saying that Mr. Muhammad doesn't drop something serious on the drums (his playing is really quite amazing), I just really like the playing of the group as a whole.

Not a long post tonight. It's humid as hell, and I need to bring the air conditioner up from the basement. Also highly recommended is
Rusty Bryant's "Soul Liberation" 45, another great tune. More soul jazz than straight up funk, but a real winner.


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