Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Work Song

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I hadn't played this 45 in a few years until tonight. A classic tune, and it sounds as good as ever, Trade Martin's "Work Song".

"Work Song" has a driving beat accented by handclaps and punchy, well-timed horns. Mr. Martin has a real way with the lyrics, even occassionally throwing his vocal weight behind an "unnh" to mimic a prisoner throwing a sledgehammer. Nice dramatic effect. It builds while he tells the story, horns come in, cowbell, the drummer's on the cymbals, piano, and is especially loud when he recalls his lady. And then it all crashes to kick back off again and finish the tune.

Hats off to the hron players on this one, especially the trumpeter whose stabs are great. "I still got a long way to go...."


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