Monday, August 08, 2005

The Sand Step

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Here's a well known bit of European funkiness, "The Sand Step" by The Nilsmen. This is actually a promotional record released by cigarette manufacturer R.J. Reynolds (you can see a pack of Camels in the lower right of the picture if you look closely). The b-side of this record is a tune called "Le Winston", a brand I'm sure you've heard of. But I'm not condoning smoking, just the addictiveness of the tune enclosed.

The Sand Step is an organ-led groover with one hell of a bouncy beat. Love the looping bass, it helps to create that bounce. It's got some real tasty horns to boot, almost an 'easy' sound. The organ player deserves some credit, as he really gets some time to go wild.

To here a bit of this tune, go here. Check that tricky drum business at the end of the clip. Almost sounds like the record is skipping...


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