Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Super Sweet Girl Of Mine

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Well, I had an interesting night. After an extremely humid day, a storm came through and knocked out power in my neighborhood for several hours. Thankfully, when the storm left, it seemed to take the humidity with it.

Anyway, tonights feature is another 45 I had thrown on when I first replaced the needle on the turntable, Five Miles Out's "Super Sweet Girl Of Mine". As you can see from the last three days, I was pulling 45s primarily from the F section.

What I really like about this song is the multiple personalities it exhibits. First, there is a chorus that repeats "Super Sweet Girl Of Mine" over a funky groove with some great horns. Then they get into the lyrics and the band plays it harder, really hitting the groove. They repeat this. And then at the end, they break into a poly-percussive jam. It's one of the oddest song structures I've ever heard. But it's pretty damn interesting.

Hear some of it here . This is actually a remixed version that removes the chorus section. Whoever did the remix went straight for the funk.


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