Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dapper Dan

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One more new release for you, Speedometer's "At The Speakeasy / Dapper Dan" 45 on Freestyle Records. Two quality uptempo funk instrumentals here, 'Dapper Dan' just edging out the a-side, though, in my opinion. I think it's the horns. And perhaps the guitar lines, so simple and spot on. 'At The Speakeasy' is a straight-ahead stormer that would set the dancefloor on fire, but in the comforts of home, I like a slightly subtler funk. 'At The Speakeasy' has this somewhat familiar horn pattern and rhythm, but can't place it.

Only complaint I have is the label design. But since I'm too busy enjoying the tunes, I can overlook it. A UK release, this solid 2 sider is only available here in the States.


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