Thursday, August 04, 2005

Driftin' Drifter

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I read on a forum that Little Milton passed away in Memphis this morning. Now, I don't have many of his records, nor I am very knowledgable about his catalog, but I do know a great 45 when I hear it, and "Driftin' Drifter" is a hell of a tune.

"Driftin' Drifter" is a bluesy soul tune that has Little Milton moving between the realization that he's gotta keep on moving, and the anguish of his woman doing him wrong. His vocals are fantastic, sometimes low and meditative, sometimes erupting as he struggles with his emotions. Behaind him, a big 4/4 beat, a bass up in the mix, and horns supporting him all the way. Nothing gets in the way of the vocals, the emotions. Great mid-60s Chess production, great song, and Little Milton just aces it.

RIP Little Milton.


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