Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Grove Penguin

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Keeping with the animal theme after last night's chicken discussion, here's Excell Wonsley's "Grove Penguin" on the Golden Beam label. For some reason I thought this was from Louisiana, but it's not listed as such on the label, nor could I find anything on the web. Also, I believe - and as you can probably guess - that the label is supposed to read "Groove Penguin". The backing vocals often sing "It's so groovy baby", so I imagine there was a typo somewhere. Doesn't detract in my opinion. In fact, it makes the tune all the more individual.

The tune is somewhat bluesy to my ears, but with plenty of dancefloor appeal (as it should, since it's extolling the latest dance). Whatever the dance requires, I'm convinced of it's merits, so infectious and heavy on the r'n'b is the groove. The drums almost take a back seat to the bass and the tambourine. The guitar plays these cascading lines that really complement what the others are doing. Nothing fancy, mind you, just a solid groove with no faults. And some of the lyrics are great, the best line being "The Penguin is sassy" with "Snake's Bait!" quickly interjected afterwards. I just love how that phrase is thrown in there.

Have a listen here. So that's an elephant and now a penguin. I'll have to see what else is around....


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