Friday, September 16, 2005

Thunder Chicken

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Well, I'm nearly at the end of my salute of the animal-related 45s, and I've finally pulled one out that references the chicken, The Impacts' "Thunder Chicken" on Marmaduke. Perhaps the most referenced animal in the soul/funk 45 arena, the chicken has made countless appearances on labels and sleeves. I haven't heard them all, but "Thunder Chicken" is a favorite of mine.

"Thunder Chicken" is an unrelenting, uptempo soul tune. It establishes the rhythm at the start and doen't take a breath. The drums are the catalyst, gritty and up in the mix. They are complemented by handclaps just as unyielding. The guitar and the saxophone share the spotlight equally, each getting solos and coming together for the main theme. It's comparable to a raw jazz 45, interjecting plenty of r'n'b to keep your feet happy. Definitely one for the mods, yet raw enough for the funk scene. Quality tune.


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