Sunday, October 23, 2005

Baby Hold On

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Flipping through one of the record boxes today, I decided to throw on the other 45 by the Mohawks that was released in the States, "Baby Hold On, Part 1 / Part 2" (the other being the more desirable "The Champ" single). I actually found this 45 right after I bought "The Champ" off e-bay for the going rate at the time. Thankfully, "Baby Hold On" was much cheaper, a dollar, if I remember correctly.

Over a funky backdrop, there's a chorus of woman singing the title, and of course, that signature organ work courtesy of Alan Hawkshaw, which is the focus of The Mohawks' sound. There are plenty of horns to boot. Between the organ and the horns, the tune ebbs and flows, the horns having their parts, the organ with it's spotlight, and then everything coming in together. The whole thing taken together is a very swinging affair, with the group obviously not heeding the chorus' message.

I'd forgotten how much fun this record was. I guess it's not such a bad thing to be broke sometimes.


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