Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't Let This Happen To Us

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Here's a great funky soul 45 by Fred Hughes on the Brunswick label, "Dont Let This Happen to Us", released in 1971. I found this a little while back at a thrift shop, and my local thrift shops almost never have any soul 45s in them.

What I really like about this tune is that it starts with some heavy horns that leads into a solid, layered groove. I'm talking about a big drum beat, some fuzz guitar, additional percussion, and those horns returning for the chorus. Interestingly enough, when the chorus comes in the song nearly sounds like a straight up soul tune (I thinkng it's the volume of the horns nearly smothering the drums). But then the song gets back in that groove. In the middle is a nice piano-led break. Now I'm not particularly crazy about breaks, but I really like the sound they're getting on the drums, so it's nice to (nearly) get to hear them on their own.

Nice one from Mr. Hughes.


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You´re a lucky man.
Nice blog and good selections.
Best from Spain

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