Friday, October 21, 2005

Kill The Pain

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Recently I stumbled across a second copy of this 45, and, as it usually happens, this record went back into the rotation of 45s gracing the turntable. Sometimes you need to find something again to reawaken your appreciation of it.

How to describe "Kill The Pain"? It's a heavy mid-tempo funk number that picks up the pace for the chorus, and then gets back into it's groove. The singer is amazingly soulful, at his wit's end, and the band seems to mimic his spiral down, and then lifts him up when he breaks out of it to plead through the chorus. A few things really get me: a) those horns, especially when they seem to pierce the sky in the chorus b) the jangly guitar playing - it's quality c)the organ that seems to bubble up every now and again. Let's not forget where the singer pleads for help and the saxophone seems to work him through it. And then he sets the band up for another go at it, and takes it home. Nice.

You can hear some of this 45 here.


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