Monday, October 24, 2005

99 44/100 Pure Love

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Here's one I haven't had out of the record box in a while, but it's still a favorite: Al Reed's "99 44/100 Pure Love" on Axe (great label design, no?). A gritty, mid-tempo r'n'b funk track, 99 44/100 doesn't disappoint. The groove is nice and steady, slowly building behind the guitar player's lines which he plays hypnotically. The horns come in and increase the pressure until the tune spills over on itself, the horns nearly drowning out everone. Then everything settles back down into the original rhythm before picking up steam and taking it to the end. There's a lovely chorus of girls that help with the chorus. Hypnotic is a pretty good word for it.

You can hear the tune here care of Yoni's great site. Go down to nearly the bottom of the page, and click on one of the arrows. Check his opening lines..."Would you believe I call my baby Ivory?". Classic.


Blogger Adam Wasserman said...

Not so sure about hypnotic guitar lines... I would say that the bass player and the piano player are holding down the groove much more than the guitar player. I mostly hear the guitar as fill on the breaks.

Plus it is just my opinion, but I would say the best part of this track is Al Reed's smokey sweet rendition of the chorus with just a touch of vibrato.

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