Thursday, April 20, 2006

Apple Cider

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Yeah, I normally focus on 45s of the soul, funk, and jazz variety, but every now and again I need something a bit different. Right now that record is this mover from Five By Five, "Apple Cider" (which is, of course, an illicit drug reference, although I am not sure which one - acid?). I actually only heard this record a few weeks back on the ModChicago site, so I was pleased to find a copy last weekend. I don't quite remember how I ended up on the ModChiago site, but I have returned several times to play the soundclips and to have a look around (I dig alot of the music played on the mod scene).

"Apple Cider" is an uptempo hipshaker that features plenty of organ & has a great pattern of the band falling away to let the focus be the manic drums that propel the tune. There's plenty of fuzz guitar along the way (and even a guitar solo that I don't mind). What really catches my attention is the prominience of the organ in the mix and the stop start of the tune that I imagine does wonders in a club. I couldn't imagine anyone who digs garage music would be able to sit still.


Blogger Todd Lucas said...

Yeah, nice record. Five By Five have some other good singles as well. "Hang Up" and "15 Going On 20" are personal favorites.

9:26 PM  

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