Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm Gonna Get Your Thing (Get You)

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I got this 45 in the mail last week, and it has just knocked me out. On Forte Records outta Kansas City, Missouri, this was one of two releases by Lee Harris on the label.

The song opens with a terrific crunch, the guitar and horns and drums all coming together to set off the tune. And from that auspicious start, the band (drums and tambourine especially) just don't let up, either in tempo or volume. The bass is up in the mix, the guitar has a great lead that it returns to whenever the group takes a secondary break, the horns are uptight. But what really knocks me out is Lee's delivery: he never struggles to sing over the band, he just tells his story, and when it's necessary, he raises his voice. Just fantastic.

Some of it can be heard on Can anyone tell me if Lee Harris had any other releases beside the ones on Forte? I wanna hear more.


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