Wednesday, May 31, 2006

All We Need Is A Miracle

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Sometimes you can buy a record and not have it hit you right away. When I found a bunch of interesting 45s at a thrift shop last year (to my complete surprise), this is one I set aside in the "keep" pile. It got a number of spins a few months ago, but lately, it really has made an impression.

Opening with a somber piano line, the song suddenly picks up steam as the group goes into the chorus. The verses of the song are a mellow affair, vocals that are lowly sung - as if into the ear of her lover - over bongoes and simple guitar lines that slowly build into the chorus again. There sounds like there might even be some harp in there. The chorus is uptempo, loudly sung, with strings and horns behind the rhythm section. A bit of piano as well. Eventually the differences between the verses and chorues disintegrate, at least vocally. And it works to very nice effect. Damn nice tune.


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