Tuesday, May 02, 2006


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Here's one I recently bought and have not been able to find out anything about, "Horse" by The Legionnaires on Kama Sutra. I even tried to get some information out of the deadwax markings, but I was unable to come away with anything conclusive based on the on-line references I found.

Anyway, "Horse" is a beaty affair, with an organ working out over a hipshakin' groove. It opens with the drums coming in the right channel, then the left channel, before the bass and organ come in. There's a nice horn line that is established and returned to, but, in between, the horns just appropriately pierce the song for affect. For a short passage mid-way through some effects are added to the organ playing (and a saxophone gets a short solo), but then the main theme is re-established as the group takes it on home. I gotta say kudos to the drummer and bassist for just hanging in and working that pattern. And the sound they got, damn nice.

Not out and out funk, but one for you fans of mod funk. I can certainly see this working at a mod do as well as a funk night.


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