Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What's Your Game?

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Apologies for the amount of time between postings, but so much has been going on around here that my energies had to be directed elsewhere. Anyway, this slice of sweet soul from the 70's has been making the drive to and from work a bit more enjoyable, M-D-L-T Willis' "What's Your Game?", a tune written and produced by the Jackson Five. I bought the 45 for the uptempo flip, but this mid-tempo tune is really where's it at.
"What's Your Game?" has a dense laid-back groove built on up-front drums, the bass, and some effects that follows the bass pattern. Behind this, other instruments move in and out of the picture: the cascading guitar, the smooth saxophone, the strings, and some backing "oooohhhhhssss", all very smooth, all acting as a counterbalance to the drums. Fronting this is a lovely female voice (whose name I would really like to know). She really does a great job with the tune. Now I gotta admit I'm not too keen on the chorus, but otherwise this tune is very nice. Perhaps because that counterbalance is lost, or could it be that the other bits have an atmosphere about them that is lost in the chorus? Either way, I still really dig the tune. A cheapie, I believe, and one to pick up when you see it.


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