Monday, June 19, 2006

I Know You Don't Want Me

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Here's a 45 that I've wanting to find for the last couple of months, The Endeavors' "I Know You Don't Want Me" on Stop. The only bit of information I can find on The Endeavors is that they were from Ohio (courtesy of the Ohio Soul website).

"I Know You Don't Want Me" is a frantic, falsetto-led, funky soul tune. Bass, guitar and snappy drums are the foundation, and over this vocal harmonies soar and horns provide the punch. The song starts and stops for a quick bit of vocal harmonies, before the song really takes off. The combination of the tempo and the amount of things that seem to be happening at once is almost overwhelming. It also helps to accentuate the short break that occurs half way through, when they get reflective, but the emotion quickly builds and they pick up the breakneck pace again. It all stops at the end to showcase the vocal harmonies again (I can't even describe the sound they're getting), and the song ends on that note. I haven't stated this earlier, but the vocal harmonies are falsetto backing falsetto. And it sounds great.

This is probably one of those records that folks would either love or hate. For me, there's really nothing else out there - that I know of - that sounds quite like it. Just a fantastic record.


Blogger Todd Lucas said...

I have a record by the Endeavors on Gambit, "Sexy Ways"/"Who! Shaft Where?". Could be the same guys.

7:48 AM  
Blogger soupalicious said...

The Endeavors that you want is on a small label called Empire State ...

Scan here

ive been after this record for awhile now. missed one on ebay recently. really too bad.

manship has a short clip here

4:29 PM  

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